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Reading Rocks at Seymour Library and our teen volunteers rock, too!   97 teens donated time and talents to make 2010 a summer to remember.  As a thanks for all they do, volunteers are invited to spend a night in the library:  playing flashlight tag, eating pizza, watching a movie, being loud and having fun.  A special thanks to the parents who bravely chaperoned our group this time.  We couldn’t get no sleep without you!


The Race Champions - Chris and Mike!!!

Monday, July 19 was an amazing day for a bunch of amazing teens.  18 teams of 2 raced around the Village of Brockport, solving clues to lead them to their destinations, completing challenges, roadblocks and detours…all on a very HOT and humid day.

Many thanks to the high school and adult volunteers who donated a whole afternoon to supervise the race.

Many, many thanks to local participating businesses who good-naturedly let a gang of kids invade their stores for the afternoon!  Ryan’s Big M, Northside Express Mart, Game Players Unlimited, Java Junction, the Green Zone, Seaward’s Candies and the Lift Bridge Book Shop all took part in the race.

Comments from the players:  “It was so frustrating!”  “I’m SOOOOO thirsty!”  “My legs are killing me!”

Would they do it again next year?  Everyone said “Yes!!!!”

Second Place Winners


Great Volunteers!

Crazy Duck Pond Teens

Saturday, June 19, was the Kick Off Fair for Seymour’s children’s summer reading program.  Lots of kids registered for “Reading Rocks at Seymour Library.”  Adding to the fun were the carnival games, planned by our BRATS group and run by our teen volunteers.

Knock'em down and win a prize!


Teen volunteers ran our registration table, handed out t-shirts, moved many tables and chairs and helped clean up, too.  Many, many thanks to our fantatstic helpers!

What a wonderful day!

Hundreds of passionate, book-loving teens gathered at Nazareth College to meet teen authors and talk about books.   Thanks to the generosity of Brad Alexander at Northside Express Mart, 25 Seymour teens were transported to the festival to join their peers.  The autograph lines at the end of the day were filled with teens waiting for their favorite author’s signature.  Some people might still be there, waiting in the Ellen Hopkins or Laurie Halse Anderson lines!

Some books really make you SMILE!


Snoopy loves teen books, too!


Vivian Vande Velde and .... excuse me???!!!!


The unforgettable Terry Trueman


These readers can't wait for TBF '11!

Some people can get rather silly when they’re playing flashlight tag!

The third annual game night was a success in spite of high winds and rain.  There was no dodge ball or kickball, since no one wanted to chase the balls all the way to Sara’s!  We played Wii games, board games and flashlight tag.  Some of us made some very interesting creations out of Play-Doh.  A huge sugar fix of sundaes and sodas ended the evening.

Michelle's mom????


Becca’s the BEST at Wii bowling.  Ask Brian how many strikes she bowled!

Wits and Wagers will test your wits!

Congratulations to Justin!  He’s the proud winner of our “Name That Space” contest.  The name that he chose for the future, renovated young adult area is “The Teen Scene.”  Have fun spending your gift certificate, Justin!

Many thanks to everyone else who entered.  Watch for changes to begin soon in the library’s teen area.

Anime, pizza, a costume contest, crash landings on bizarre planets and kumihimo braiding filled the night as Seymour’s Anonymous Otaku, the anime club, shared 10 hours of friendship, food and fun.  Everyone went home tired, grumpy and wanting to know when we can do it again.  Many thanks to our chaperones whose presence made the night possible.