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BRATS Holiday Party

Always pick the biggest present first!


What do you get when you combine over 30 middle school teens, 8 extra large pizzas, lots of soda and a huge pile of very strange gifts together in one room?  We call it the BRATS Holiday Party!

The noise level may have reached a bit beyond what’s normally expected in a LIBRARY, but everyone had a great time at this once-a-year extravaganza.

This is what a baby from a box looks like! Wow! Some really cool gifts! I'm SO happy!

Some gifts are just so glamorous!


Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas!


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TLC Party

Good friends=Good times


The Seymour Teen Library Corps had their annual Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year’s and Everything-Else-We-Forgot celebration on December 13.  Pizza and soda go a long way to make the evening enjoyable, and the wacky gift exchange makes the party really interesting!

Just gimme more pizza and leave me alone!

Merry Christmas, Tyler!

Can you believe it? Everyone wants this dog!

Holiday smiles


Lovely TLC Ladies

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