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Scenes from Summer 2010

We see so many possibilities!

School has started!

Summer’s over far too soon!

This summer was overflowing with teen activities at Seymour.  97 teens volunteered part of their vacation time to help at the library.  49 of them were Story Partners to younger children.  Others weeded the landscaping, kept the shelves in order, helped with children’s programs and our first-ever Amazing Library Race.

Amazing Race Contestants

Amazing Race Amazing Volunteers

The Amazing Race was the highlight of the summer.  Lots of work and lots of help from volunteers made the race a big success with the middle-school runners.

The Race never would have happened without our amazing high school volunteers!

Seymour Chefs

Culinary creativity came to the library the night of our Iron Chef competition.  Don’t look at these pictures if you’re hungry!  There were no leftovers!

Beautiful dessert!

More chefs - cool hats!

A Scrumptious Stack

Teamwork makes a difference!


True Culinary Kings!


The winners!


The summer ended with the teen volunteer no-sleep sleepover…and a sigh of relief from me!  It was a great summer, with lots of energy and learning and sharing and caring from lots of great teens…and I’m really glad that I have a year to get ready for the next time!


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