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What’s a Teen Book Festival? Only the most amazing special event for teen readers ever!  28 authors of young adult books will be attending the festival this year.  Check out the web site,  www.teenbookfestival.org , to see which of your favorites will be there.  The day starts with an opening panel of all authors, followed by 4 smaller breakout sessions so that you can visit the authors you most admire.  The day ends with an autographing session.  Almost 2,000 teens attended last year. Don’t miss this fantastic celebration of teen reading.

How can I get there? Seymour Library is once again sponsoring a round-trip bus for the festival.  The bus will leave the library parking lot at 9 am sharp.  It will leave Nazareth at 5 pm, returning to Seymour at around 5:30 pm. One long glorious day of authors, books and teens who love to read!  Bus space is limited.  Sign up soon!  This year, thanks to Brad Alexander of Northside Express Mart, THE BUS IS FREE!!!!

Hey! What About Lunch??? Lunch will be available to purchase at Nazareth.  Bring cash to fill your hunger.  But be aware!  The lines are long.  The faster you eat, the more authors you can see! A great alternative is to bring your lunch.  Eat on the run or find a place to sit between author sessions. You won’t spend an hour in line!

 It’s All Free???  Free festival + free bus + bring your own lunch = FREE! FREE! FREE!  If you like, you may bring money for special Teen Book Festival merchandise, t-shirts and such. Barnes and Noble will be selling books by the authors. 

You don’t have to spend one red cent to have an awesome day!

Save your seat!

Call the library now!  637-1050



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National Poetry Month

Some poems are small…

To honor National Poetry Month, the Seymour Teen Writing Group created spine poems – poems made by selecting titles on the spines of books and layering them to make poetry. 

A blaze of blue flame

The blood red skin deep

Bekah's Poem


All the broken pieces



Against the wall

A foreign field

All we know of love

Some poems are middle-sized

Paper towns


If I stay


And in the morning


The traitor’s gate

                                                                                                               Life as we knew it


Short and sweet



Forever princess

Ready or not

Brooke's poem

Perfect girl

All the way

Going, going



I can’t keep my own secrets


                                                                                                               Who are you?

                                                                                                                Mexican white boy


Grace's poem

When dad killed mom

The underwood see

A house like a lotus

A wind at the door

A ring of endless light

Zoe's poem

A match made in high school

Girls in tears

Spirit seeker

Guitar girl

Eleventh grade burns

Joe's poem

                                            Skin hunger

                                            Wanted                                        Chosen


                                            Flame                                           Second sight 

                       Revenge of the Witch                                Demon in my view

                                The faceless ones


                                      Sacred scars                                         Burning up

                                                 Wake                                              Gone


Girl writers approve of this project!

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