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TBF '10 Monday Group

 It’s just a little over a month until the bright yellow school bus will leave Seymour Library heading for the biggest event of the year for teen readers.  The Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival happens on Saturday, May 15.  Don’t miss this amazing day totally dedicated to teen books and authors.

TBF '10 Wednesday Group

Seymour Library teens are reading fast, trying to get an idea of what the 28 different authors who’ll be at the festival are like.  How will they ever choose which of their favorites to see that day?

Interested in free transportation to and from the festival?  Stop in and put your name on our list.  The bus leaves at 9 am sharp!  Don’t miss it!


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No sleep? 7 am? Yeah…we’re great!

Members of Seymour’s Brilliant Readers Active in Teen Service and Teen Library Corps spent a sleepless Saturday night in the library, raising money for the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival by reading for 2 hours straight.  The rest of the night was filled with playing flashlight tag, eating pizza and hunting characters from Greek myths around the library.

This awesome crew raised $650 for the Teen Book Festival.  Great job!

Read, read, read and then read more

And more...


and more!

And then have fun!

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