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BRATS/TLC Holiday Party


Happy teens! Happy holidays!

Combine two groups of enthusiastic teens and you get a great holiday party.  Brilliant Readers Active in Teen Service, the BRATS middle school group, and the Teen Library Corps, the TLC high school group, joined forces Thursday night and had the best ever holiday party.  Our gift exchange game included surprises like a deer antler, a well-wrapped raisin and a Tyler-in-a-box.  Much laughter and cheering were exchanged, too!

Best at Figuring Out the Game


Everyone's jealous of my gift!


And a Happy New Year, too!


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Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 13, members of the Teen Library Corps spent their afternoon reading holiday stories and creating decorations with local children.

Every TLC member and child who attended made one decoration for the library tree.  Next time you’re checking out, take a look at all the fun decorations they made.

Serious crafters

Has anyone ever seen these two so serious?

Helpers at the gingerbread man table

Every party has its Ebenezer...

Here comes Santa Claus!


We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Red Vines, anyone?

Double Twi-hards
He IS tall, isn’t he?

Is that Edward at the Seymour Library?

Twi-hards gathered to celebrate all things Twilight on Saturday evening, Nov. 28.

Team Jacob outnumbered Team Edward in a big way.  Too bad Jacob couldn’t make it to the party.

                                               One lucky fan got to go home with Edward!

A loyal Team Jacob girl

I've waited so long to be this close to you!

I'm really standing next to him!!

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