Spine Poetry 2011

A Pair of Poets

Once again, the Seymour Teen Writing Group recognized National Poetry Month by creating interesting poems by stacking books.  Even the anti-poetry people enjoy this activity.

The Titles Make a Poem

Proud of His Poem

Poetry Can Bring People Together

A Poet With a Strong Voice

A Long Book Poem

Power Poetry

Last, But Definitely Not Least


BRATS Holiday Party

Always pick the biggest present first!


What do you get when you combine over 30 middle school teens, 8 extra large pizzas, lots of soda and a huge pile of very strange gifts together in one room?  We call it the BRATS Holiday Party!

The noise level may have reached a bit beyond what’s normally expected in a LIBRARY, but everyone had a great time at this once-a-year extravaganza.

This is what a baby from a box looks like! Wow! Some really cool gifts! I'm SO happy!

Some gifts are just so glamorous!


Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas!

TLC Party

Good friends=Good times


The Seymour Teen Library Corps had their annual Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year’s and Everything-Else-We-Forgot celebration on December 13.  Pizza and soda go a long way to make the evening enjoyable, and the wacky gift exchange makes the party really interesting!

Just gimme more pizza and leave me alone!

Merry Christmas, Tyler!

Can you believe it? Everyone wants this dog!

Holiday smiles


Lovely TLC Ladies

Christmas in Candy Land

Gramma Nutt and Lolly


Mr. Mint


Members of the Teen Library Corps transformed into Candy Land characters to present a giant-sized version of the game on the Saturday before Christmas.  Players of all ages were greeted by the characters who challenged them to answer questions or complete a task before receiving candy treats.  The Chocolate Swamp was very popular!

Gloppy from the Chocolate Swamp


A very friendly face under that sort of scary hood!

Children and parents were invited to make holiday decorations while they were waiting a turn.

Helping Hands


Two Happy Players

The King and His Castle

These awesome creatures haunted the Ellwanger Room


The BRATS (Brilliant Readers Active in Teen Service) did an outstanding job of hosting their annual Halloween party for kids.  115 people attended, played games, made Halloween crafts and visited the not-so-scary haunted house.  Great work BRATS!

Happy Halloween BRATS

A nerd and a princess

Pretty kitty

It's a bunny!

A pretty young witch

Crafts and candy - yay!

Amazing Anime Teens!

Over 30 teens survived a sleepless night that included costume  and drawing contests,  flashlight tag, “A Minute to Win It” game challenges, a movie and much pizza and Mountain Dew.  What a fun night, even if everyone felt like zombies the next day!  Many thanks to our wonderful chaperones – we couldn’t “not-sleep” without you!

Sensational Wolf Wins!

Costume contest winners were voted on by everyone.  An outrageously well-
made wolf won for the second year.  Way to go, Shea!

Did he win it??? YES!

Drawing Contest

The Cat in the Hat has changed!

Cozy Otaku

Scenes from Summer 2010

We see so many possibilities!

School has started!

Summer’s over far too soon!

This summer was overflowing with teen activities at Seymour.  97 teens volunteered part of their vacation time to help at the library.  49 of them were Story Partners to younger children.  Others weeded the landscaping, kept the shelves in order, helped with children’s programs and our first-ever Amazing Library Race.

Amazing Race Contestants

Amazing Race Amazing Volunteers

The Amazing Race was the highlight of the summer.  Lots of work and lots of help from volunteers made the race a big success with the middle-school runners.

The Race never would have happened without our amazing high school volunteers!

Seymour Chefs

Culinary creativity came to the library the night of our Iron Chef competition.  Don’t look at these pictures if you’re hungry!  There were no leftovers!

Beautiful dessert!

More chefs - cool hats!

A Scrumptious Stack

Teamwork makes a difference!


True Culinary Kings!


The winners!


The summer ended with the teen volunteer no-sleep sleepover…and a sigh of relief from me!  It was a great summer, with lots of energy and learning and sharing and caring from lots of great teens…and I’m really glad that I have a year to get ready for the next time!